These are rice cake machines equipped with molds that can make square, rectangular or triangle shaped rice cake or chip products.

35mm square

8pcs / shot

45mm square

4pcs / shot

25*75mm rectangular 

5pcs / shot

30*75mm rectangular 

4pcs / shot

45mm Square

6pcs / shot

40*90mm rectangular 

3pcs / shot

45*70mm rectangular 

3pcs / shot

60*60mm square

2pcs / shot

85*85mm square

1pc / shot

80*80mm square

2pcs / shot

90*70mm rectangle

2pcs / shot

45*100mm rectangular 

2pcs / shot

35*100mm rectangular 

3pc / shot

50*115mm rectangular 

1pc / shot

43*40mm(H) Triangle

8pcs / shot

53*47mm(H) triangle 

6pcs / shot

58*53mm(H) triangle 

4pcs / shot

58*53mm(H) triangle 

6pcs / shot

syp5306T rice cake machine

The SYP5306T model is a model that produces 53mm triangular rice or corn chips. This model produces 2,160-2,700 pcs of rice chips per hour. It is mainly used to make triangular corn chips.

Corn is mainly used as a raw material for triangular popped cake or chip products. And after popping, various seasonings are added to make the popped product.


Triangle models (Buyer's desired size available)
43mm(L)x40mm(H) /53mm(L)x47mm(H) / 58mm(L)x53mm(H)

triangle popping chips
popconers machine
syp5306t corn cake machine
triangle popped corn chips

Model : SYP5306T

1. Electric

    Voltage : 220V 1phase

    Cycles : 50-60Hz

    Consumption : 3.5Kw Max

2. Heater Temperature : Max : Max : 400℃, Min : -1℃

3. Working Capacity : 6 pcs every 10 sec

4. Size of chips : 53*47mm(H) Triangle, Thickness 2-10mm (Max)

5. Capacity : 2,160-2,700pcs / hour (2,160 pcs based on 10sec cycle)

6. Size & Weight : 575mm*510mm*1,490mm (Weight : 185kg Approx.)

7. Capacity of hopper : 8L(7kg of rice), 1 and half hour production

8. Remark 

   1) Operated by Hydraulic Cylinder

   2) Controlled by Micro-controller

   3) Material of grain touching parts are stainless steel (SUS304)

   4) Mould is special alloy steel


You can check the test videos of SYP5306T triangle rice popper model.


Model : SYP5306T popped corn machine

Shape : 53*47mm triangle

Material : Korean Rice


Model : SYP5306T popped corn machine

Shape : 53*47mm triangle

Material : 100% broken corn


You can check the test videos & news of SYP rice cake machine.

SYP5306T Korean rice cake machine is normally make chips by rice or corn. This test, we've used Korean rice & brown rice 

Our rice cake machine is simple and easy to use. It can be operated according to the manual and can control temperature, pressure, time, thickness and so on.

We tested SYP5306T with corn. We used broken corn and the size is slightly larger than rice.

We are receiving various questions from buyers. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ.

Our SYP Rice cake machine has many advantages.

Our SYP Rice cake machines can be classified into 3 categories and depending on this classification, the mold can be changed or not.

Rice Cake Machine(Rice popper) of Shinyoung Mechanics is a device that can make grain snacks, chips, cakes, etc., out of 100% natural cereals.

We got many inquiries related to after sale service when buyer buy our machine. First of all, all machines need After sale service. and in the case of electrical components, Damage may occur during handling.

The SYP5804 Triangle model was tested using rice from Austria and yellow corn from the US.

SYP Rice Popper is an equipment designed to make grain cakes and chips using only heat and pressure with 100% natural grain.

Production line with SYP rice cake machines

You can see test videos and news of the latest SYP models.