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Test of SYP4506 with Indian Rice&Corn

Test of SYP4506 Rice Cake Machine

We tested rice, yellow & white corns from India using SYP4506 rice cake machine model.

Rice was smaller than usual, and there was a rice cake type that cracked the edges during production. However, it was in good condition when manufactured as a chip type.

SYP4506 Rice cake machine test

In the case of corn, buyer sent us the whole corn, so we tested it after crushing with a hammer. Corn is suitable for 2-5mm and whole corn is not used because there is a problem in raw material supply.

To use the Whole Corn, we have to choose a model that is produced one by one, like SYP8501 or 9001. However, we do not recommend using whole corn because it produces a lot of oil during production.

Below is a test video.

1. Test of Rice by Cake type

2. Test of Rice by Chip type

3. Test of Yellow Corn

4. Test of White Corn

Test Model: SYP4506 Rice popper

The SYP4506 model is a model that produces 45mm round rice cakes or chips. This model can produce 2,160-3,084 pcs rice cake per hour. It is most widely sold for chips using rice and corn. https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp4506-rice-cake-machine

1. Electric

Voltage : 220V 1phase

Cycles : 50-60Hz

Consumption : 3.5Kw Max

2. Heater Temperature : Max : Max : 400℃, Min : -1℃

3. Working Capacity : 6 pcs every 10 sec

4. Size of rice cake : 45mm Round, Thickness 2-8mm Approx.

5. Capacity : 2,160-3,084pcs / hour (2,160 pcs based on 10sec cycle)

6. Size & Weight : 575mm*510mm*1,490mm (Weight : 185kg Approx.)

7. Capacity of hopper : 8L(7kg of rice), 1 and half hour production

8. Remark

1) Operated by Hydraulic Cylinder

2) Controlled by Micro-controller

3) Material of grain touching parts are stainless steel (SUS304)

4) Mould is special alloy steel

For more information,

please check our website. Please contact us by e-mail.

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