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New Rice cake machine model introduction

New Rice cake machine model introduction

We introduce new model.

A variety of new molds were designed and manufactured at the request of buyers.

45 * 45mm square corners are cut at the request of Japanese buyers. Orange and pig models are produced at the request of domestic buyers.

​And the camel shape was produced at the request of the Middle East buyer.

In addition, some modifications have been made to existing designs.

Among these designs, test videos of the Egg-shaped SYP3545E6 model and the square-shaped SYP4506S model are available.

Test information #1

Model : SYP3545E6 Egg Shape

Test material: 100% Korean Rice

Type of cake : Cake

Test information #2

Model : SYP4506S Square Shape

Test material: 100% Korean Rice

Type of cake : Cake

New Models

SYP4506S (45mm Square)


SYP3545E6 (35*45mm Egg)


SYP Pig (Pig shape)


SYP Orange (Orange shape)


SYP4048T (40*48mm Triangle)


SYP3045 Oval (30*45mm Oval)


For more information,

please check our website. Please contact us by e-mail.

Thank you.




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email : newpop@newpop.co.kr


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